PowerStrips Weekend a Smash Hit

Natural pain relief is apparently the wave of the future, if you look at what a million people did to recently. ForeverGreen’s awareness campaign, designed as part of this year’s launch of FG Xpress PowerStrips, was a huge success…so great was the response that another event just like it is planned just a month after the original event.

The First PowerStrips Event

And what is this PowerStrips awareness campaign that generated so much buzz with participants in the weekend event this August? ForeverGreen, makers of the product, had a vision: their goal was to put PowerStrips on a million people over the weekend event.

A Holistic Message About Pain Relief

But the message wasn’t just that PowerStrips are effective at reducing pain. It was an awareness campaign, meaning there was a public health message for attendees…that the body is capable of amazing things when given the chance to do its job.

Chemical medicines and pain relievers aren’t always the best answer. Natural products like PowerStrips can equip the body to heal itself. That means people can begin to pull away from expensive, synthetic pain relievers and gain control of their lives when it comes to managing their own health care.

PowerStrips: For Everyone, Every Day

What’s in PowerStrips that allow the product to labeled a natural pain relief product?

  • Fermented Korean Red Ginseng
  • Marine phytoplankton (Alpha3 CMP™)
  • A petroleum-free, water soluble adhesive

That means PowerStrips can be used every day by virtually anyone. The adhesive used to keep the strip on the skin is safe for continuous daily use simply because it too is natural and contains no harmful ingredients.

In addition, PowerStrips are listed with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device for the temporary relief of minor pain.

The PowerStrips Awareness Campaign

ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation, developer and manufacturer of PowerStrips, reported a huge success from the first awareness campaign so they planned another for early September 2014. The original event, which took place in early August 2014, spanned 174 countries.

The September event will begin on September 5, 2014. Like the August event, the focus will be on creating awareness about natural pain relief for the benefit of peoples’ wallets and their health. When natural solutions can be found for health issues, it’s what more doctors are recommending and more people prefer: the natural way, free from chemicals with harmful side effects.

The event will again feature strip giveaways (samples) to anyone attending and willing to try the natural way of pain relief found in ForeverGreen’s PowerStrips.

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