Dubli Network & Ecommerce “Secrets” to Help You Escape 9-5

white-bannerCreating an optimal eCommerce site takes some skill, effort and focus in order to get your website the web traffic it deserves. The days of simply setting up an eCommerce site and expected people to drop by are long since over with.

However, there are four proven ways that you can use to optimize your eCommerce site to help draw in the type of potential customers best suited to your products or services. For assistance, you can look up Dubli, a membership MLM site that is currently using these techniques to grow their web traffic. You can check out the Dubli mall and see just how effective some of these tools are for finding new customers.

Improve your Business Brand: Let’s face it, if you are running a new online business then no one knows you. In order to start really building up the business, you are going to have to build up trust with potential customers. This means that your website needs to be neat, professional and have good contact information as well.

Also, a solid “About You” page which describes you, your business and what you can do for your customers really helps as well. Plus, you’ll want to build up trust by emphasizing security in all transactions as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Basically, this means that you are optimizing your website to draw in those who have searched for the products or services that you offer. This means placing keywords and key phrases in your content so that people using search engines will find your website. You need to be careful to now stuff keywords and your content needs to be sound and solid, but this is an excellent way to bring in new web traffic.

Emphasize Positive User Experience: You’ll want people to enjoy visiting your website so the first thing you’ll want to do is ensure that it downloads very quickly. The longer your website takes to download, the lower your web rankings will be on Google. So, everything you can do to speed up the download times of your site will improve the customer experience.

Another aspect is the navigation which should be quick and easy. You do not want potential customers getting confused in finding their way around your site, so be sure that the Menu bar is prominent and that customers can quickly checkout to buy your items as well.

Fast Checkout: The longer it takes for a person to buy your product, the less likely they will make the purchase. You want your checkout to be as smooth as possible which means no waiting, no signing up and no delays so that they can make the purchase quickly and easily. Every second that they have to wait means you raise the likelihood that they will abandon the purchase.

These four proven methods will help you improve the customer experience on your website which will translate into more sales. For a good example of how optimizing your eCommerce site will help bring in customers, check out the Dubli website which uses all of the right techniques.

The Dubli shopping experience in particular is smooth and simple, making it a model for those who want to create a better eCommerce site for themselves.

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